vhf antenna

by vhfantenna

With the digital transition in 2009 many antenna manufacturers began designing UHF only antennas which receive only channels 14 – 51. While these antennas are often smaller and easier to install over 90% of all markets still have one or more major broadcast network that is only available on VHF (channels 2 – 13).

In order to receive all of the channels in your area a vhf antenna is required! VHF antennas are typically longer horizontally than smaller more compact UHF only antennas, but if you cannot receive a major network such as NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX the size of the antenna is irrelevant.

Typically VHF antennas are mounted outdoors. All antennas are capable of receiving HDTV digital TV signals and the amount of programming available today is greater than ever before. In some areas you can pick up over 50 free digital channels including 24 hour weather, news and kids programming channels as well as your favorite networks.